Bali Snorkeling Tour

No wonder some local and foreigner tourists who come to visit Bali will also prefer diving to sunbathing, since diving is thought to be the enjoyable activity due to some beautiful scenery under the water. One of the most recommended places to visit is Tanjung Benoa beach. This Bali snorkeling tour will offer you an interesting package that equips you with the shaped tube for survival during snorkeling activity.

In addition, you are also urged to use frog’s leg shoes and wet suits to prevent you from the jellyfish stings. This activity does not demand you to be able to dive, but make sure that you know how to breathe under water and how to stay afloat.

What you have got to know about this Bali snorkeling tour is about learning how to breathe from the mouth. As all the equipments prepared, you are driven to the site where many ornamental fish and beautiful pristine corals live in. If your destination to go snorkeling in Tanjung Benoa, you should prepare a good deal of money or around Rp 170,000 each person. This price has included the service charge, tax and insurance.

In addition, the visitors who are allowed to snorkel is between seven to sixty-five years old. As a change, you will have an hour-snorkeling activity and make sure you use moisturizer during take the advantages of Bali snorkeling tour.

Bali Water Sports – Snorkeling Price
Price / Pax
2 Pax
60 Minutes
  • The activities included : Activities equipment, shower, tax, service, towel, changing room and insurance cover from 06 years old till 60 years old
  • What to bring : Change of Clothes, Swimming Costume and Sun Cream
  • Exclude : Rental camera for ducumentation & pick up hotel
  • Location : Tanjung Benoa Beach

Bali Water Sports Notice :

Water Sports activities is not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart problem, people is respiratory problem, currently has a sinus problem, recently has ear infection, has claustrophobia problem

How To Book ?

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Bali Snorkeling Tour
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